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How to get a Dealership of Megastar Doors and windows?

Please visit the Dealer section or the contact us section on the website.

How long will the company take to respond to my feedback?

For all feedbacks the turn around time will be “72 hours, excluding Sundays and National Holidays

Are Megastar Doors weather-proof?

There is a 5 years warranty on the paint. These doors are weather proof. The paint on the doors is UV (ultra violet) resistant, that is sunlight will not harm the doors. Further, the doors are made of galvanized steel, which resist rust.

Are Megastar doors resistant to rust?

Megastar Doors are made of rust-resistant galvanised steel sheets which have a coating of zinc which protects against rust. These doors are further coated with PU paint which provides additional defence against rust.

Why are these doors also called security doors?

These doors are called security doors because they are made of steel, therefore they have ten times more strength than a normal wooden door and they come with multiple locking system operated with a single key.

Why does this door sound like a wooden door when we knock it?

These doors sound like a wooden door because the inside filling of these doors is done by either engineered honey-comb or mineral wool (where extra fire rating is required).

Are these doors ready to use?

Indeed, these doors are ready to use as they come with pre-fabricated door-frame and accessories which includes handle, all the locks and complete set of keys.

How are these doors installed?

These doors are installed by well trained fitters of Megastar Doors or can also be installed by any well trained carpenter with our little technical inputs.

Why are steel doors called environment-friendly?

Steel doors are called environment-friendly because these doors are mad of steel not wood. If Megastar steel doors are installed in a home for a medium size family then it is equal to 3-4 trees saved.

What is the right stage to install these doors during construction?

They can be installed after the plaster/POP and flooring has been done but before white wash.

Are these doors heat resistant ?

Yes, absolutely. These doors are heat resistant, therefore help in maintaining the room temperature and hence reducing your air conditioning bill.

Are Megastar doors fire resistant?

Megastar doors are made of steel which are naturally resistant to fire as compared to wood.

How resistant is the door finish?

The finish of every Megastar Doors is factory engineered and will not get spoilt unless the door comes in contact with harsh chemicals or a heavy object which can destroy the outer coating of the door

Can I paint the door?

Painting the door will remove the wood finish of the door. Hence, for the elegant look and natural wood finish, it is advised not to paint the door. Any external application will revoke the warranty on the door.

The first question which we generally come across is what is the material of these doors, is it wood? Because they are as beautiful as wooden doors.

yes, these doors are as beautiful as wooden doors but the doors and the door frame both are steel and are well engineered to make look as beautiful as wooden doors.

What is the material thickness of these doors?

The doors leaf thickness is .8mm both side each and door frame thickness is 1.5mm.

. Where can these doors be used?

Well, these doors are all purpose doors, they can be used at private places 9homes, Bungalows, Buildings, flats, Housing society, mansions, havelis, Farm-houses, SPA etc.) as well as commercial establishments (Shops, clinics, hospitals, malls, show-rooms, godowns, banks, offices, pubs, bars, restaurants etc.), they can serve you 20-25 years without any maintenance problem.

How long does it take to install one door?

If the construction is new & there is no previously installed door or frame the if 2-3 hour at the most otherwise in case of a previously installed wooden door or frame it takes 5-6 hours as the previously installed wooden door or frame has to be removed first.

What is the warranty of these doors?

Megastar doors gives you onsite warranty of these doors.

Why should I opt for steel doors rather than traditional wooden doors?

As these doors look equally good and beautiful as wooden doors and they are ten times more safer and secure than wooden doors, these doors also have fire resistant properties, therefore these doors are the perfect combination of security with beauty and gives you complete peace of mind.

How do you operate?

We operate on pan India basis through our showrooms and dealership networks. These doors are installed by well trained fitters of megastar or can also be installed by any well trained carpenter with our little technical inputs.

Are these doors sound proof also?

These doors are  100% sound proof but yes they give five times more  sound insulation than normal wooden doors.

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